Thursday, October 4, 2007

Flash Update: Grizzly

Today at around 4pm I was getting ready to go to dinner when a friend of mine came by and said there was a grizzly behind one of the dorms. Me being curious, and stupid, I went to see if I could see the bear. I went behind Pelican dorm to see if it was in the field behind there. Just as I stepped through the trees I saw her, about 75 feet away!! Damn near crapped my pants.

Anywho, she lingered around for about 10 minutes and I took some sweet shots before she headed up a hill towards Lake Lodge and out of sight. Check 'em out.

Also what was neat was that there was a small herd of buffalo nearby and when they saw the bear they began to stampede!!


Anonymous said...

dude i'm so jealous it was amazing there i hope they call me... kev

Anonymous said...

we are looking for aaron turske, this is his dad, mike, wondering if he'll get this message. hope he's doing well. love, tammy and mike turske