Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm about to head out West

As it stands, on Saturday morning I'll be hitting the road for Yellowstone National Park where I'll be working for the whole summer. From my home in Rossford, Ohio it's over 1700 miles away, and I'm going to take 4 or 5 days to get there.

Some of the scheduled stops along the way:

...and ever other roadside attraction I see a sign for. I figured, why be in a hurry to get there? Might as well take my time and have some fun amidst all the driving.

The journey can be the destination...


Pamela said...

Hope your trip goes well!

YOMAMMA said...

I have sent your link to several friends and family. I think of you every day and wish you god's speed on your journey. I am so proud of your and your accomplishments thus far. HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE.
Return home safe.

Grandma Mc said...

Grandpa and I think about you each day and pray that you will be safe and secure. Good luck on your Western journey. Keep us posted on your adventures!

Love you,
Grandpa & Grandma Mc

aunt carolyn said...

Colin, looking forward to experiencing your summer adventure -thru your postings. Have a safe journey, an unbelievable time and think of us often -back home stuck at work wishing we had a job like yours;>) So what are your plans for next summer to top this??? I'll forward your link to Shawn.

YOMAMMA said...

Sigh of relief that you've made it safe and sound.
Keep in touch.

Grandma Mc said...

We are so relieved that you have arrived safe and sound. You see, prayers are answered. We will keep you in our prayers until you arrive back home to be with your family! We love you much!

Grandma & Grandpa