Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Peeps

Since I've been talking about them since I've arrived, I figured that I should post up some pictures of the friends I've made since I've been here.

Here's Josh from Memphis, TN just after he's had a drink which apparently didn't agree with his stomach all that well.

Josh, 25, is a pretty cool dude who now plans on moving to Montana to finish up college.
Jen(nifer) from Billings, MT shows us how the EDR food can be used as a super strong adhesive when you need it.

Jen, 25, has become like a sister to me since I've been here as we have very similar personalities and senses of humor. Basically the two of us like to gang up on and make fun of the others, but always in good taste.

Robyn from Helena, MT hiding in a burned out tree on our Fairy Falls hike.

Robyn, at 20, is the youngest in the group and by far the most innocent and is a never ending source of laughter.

Hil(ary) from DeWitt, MI shows us the proper technique to randomly point at nothing in order to cause tourons to stop.

Hil has that typically Michigan girl attitude and doesn't take shit from nobody, which makes her an absolute blast to hang out with as she's always in a great mood.

Well they there are, me peeps in Yellowstone.


YOMAMMA said...

Hey Colin!! Looks like you're in good company. Hello to all the peeps.
Next pkg of goodies will be delivered by Dad and Kev. ENJOY!

go go gadget gps locater! said...

ahhhh hahahahah i remember this drive!! too bad we didn't get any pictures of the people who braked to see what we were pointing at!