Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wolves and Reflections

So for the past few days my friends and I have been hearing that wolves have been spotted at a place called Otter Creek (about 15 miles north of where I'm at). So tonight we decided to drive on up there to see what we could see. And that turned out to be the Alpha Male of the wolf pack!! He was huge, about 130 pounds, and was gray with a little bit of red/brown on his shoulders. I had to borrow someone's spotting scope to get a good look because he was about 300 yards away across the river.

I took some pictures with my camera, but he was laying down and my camera doesn't handle low light well so they all came out grainy. Sucks. But here is one of the area.

And a close up with the wolf lying down circled in red. He's the white dot.

Which brings me to my next point: Colin needs a new Digital SLR camera with a huge ass telephoto lens. Send donations to the address listed in a previous entry. Thank you for your contributions.

Also on the way there the Yellowstone River was absolutely calm so here are some really beautiful photos I took of it.

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Allison Rae said...

Awesome pictures Col. Glad that you finally got to see a real wolf!