Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fire and Sunsets

Three days ago, there was a fire burning across the lake from where I work. After work Hilary, Jen, and I decided to see how close to the fire we could get. Turns out, not very close as there is a little bit of a mountain range in the way. But I did get this shot from across the lake.

On our ill-fated drive, we ended up stopping at the Lake Butte Overlook as the sun was going down and I snapped these sweet looking pictures. Enjoy.

This one was shot through a tree that had been burned in two by a forest fire. It felt like Styrofoam.

My dad and brother arrived in Yellowstone this morning and on our first drive to Hayden Valley we not only found ourselves in the midst of a bison herd, but we also got to see wolves. Hells yeah. More on their visit to come.

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