Thursday, August 9, 2007

What a drive

Pictures coming when the Internet stops being so slow. Sorry.

So last night, my friend Megan from Kentucky and I were sitting at dinner ruminating about how we had nothing to do that evening. I had 4 1/2 hours until I began work at 10pm, and was looking for "anything" to do. I offered up a drive into Hayden Valley to possibly see the wolves, which Megan hadn't done yet.

So we get in my car and head on up to the valley. About halfway in we spot the largest traffic jam I'd ever seen in the park. My first thought was that it's bears, as in the area you sometimes see them. Sure as shit, when we get out and approached the horde of people with spotting scopes we hear bear talk. But not just one bear, or even two bears, no. The people there have seen 5 days throughout the day! Why you ask? Well a large bull bison decided to die on a hillside about 250 yards off the side of the road and grizzlies were scavenging it! When we were there we saw 2 male grizzlies feeding on it. Take a look. (The carcass is under the bear to the bottom right of the picture, with all of the ravens around.)

The one bear in the middle kept chasing the ravens away, it was pretty neat.

After the bears we went to see wolves, but saw nothing. So we continued on towards Canyon. At that time for some reason I was feeling very adventurous so I decided to head west out of Canyon and drive the entire lower loop of the Figure-8 of roads through the park which is about 107 miles! On the drive we saw 2 coyotes, tons of elk, including two huge bulls that were together as seen by the picture below, bison, an osprey, and dumb tourists. Not to mention amazing scenery. It was a great drive!

Also last night I decided that I had had enough of having to borrow someone's spotting scope to see bears/wolves/etc...and I sometimes am alone and want one, so I bought one online last night. It's nowhere near top of the line (I don't have the $3000 for that) but for $175 I picked up a really good scope with an 80mm lens and up to 60x zoom. It's the Celestron Ultima 80mm Angled Spotting Scope. I'll let you all know how it works after I try it out. Hopefully in Glacier National Park next week!

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Trash Mudflapp said...

Enjoyed reading this. I worked in Yellowstone in 1991 for the summer, at Hamilton Stores, in the Lower Geyser Basin. All these years later the memories are still some of the most wonderful ones I've ever had the pleasure to experience.