Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A walk with Jenn

So today Jenn and I were feeling pretty bummed that Hilary was gone for the summer, and we decided to take a walk along the lake to raise our spirits. Turns out that that was a fantastic idea of I ended up taking 60 some odd pictures of what we saw on our little hike that took us no farther than 1/2 mile from Lake Lodge.

First we got to the lake and tried skipping stones, but the waves prevented any records being broken. But we did stumble upon a really neat occurrence. If I threw a large stone into the lake and it made a big splash, the splash would create it's own little rainbow! Too cool. Unfortunately we were unable to get a picture of our man made rainbows. We had to settle for this amazing real-life one instead.

A neat picture if I do say so.

Farther down the beach we came across an old abandoned building with this sign on it:

This building must not be molested?? That's just asking for some hot man on building action!

Just past the building was a little pond that we never knew existed, and it was teaming with life. We saw a family of sandhill cranes, two adults and a fledgling, a muskrat, and a family of ducks. All the while dozens of swallows were flying overhead. It was a neat place that warrants another visit soon.

Then on the way back, the sky has some really neat cloud formations that warranted pictures.

Not too shabby for a little hour and a half walk.

Go Go Gadget GPS Locater!!

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go go gadget gps locater! said...

Aww, I wish I could still be there with you guys...I miss you all sooo much! Sounds like it was a good hike with all the animals you came across. By the way, that last cloud picture you posted kinda looks like an "S" to me...which must means it stands for Michigan State Spartans. Well how about that, pretty kick ass if I do say so myself!